Low Vision Center


Ophthalmologist guiding patient of the Low Vision Clinic
Ophthalmologist guiding patient of the Low Vision Clinic

Is your vision causing you to stop doing the things you enjoy? Find out what you can do to bring those activities back into your life. The Low Vision Center in Portland, Maine provides people with vision loss access to demonstrations, guidance, and opportunity to purchase adaptive devices to help improve daily functioning (such as reading). To make an appointment, call (207) 774-6273. 

Are you having trouble reading the newspaper, viewing photos, recognizing people, writing checks, or reading medication directions? Perhaps it’s time for a visit to our Low Vision Center.

You are not alone. Approximately 14 million Americans, about 1 in 20, have low vision. Common disorders include: cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma. The Iris Network can help. 

The Iris Network Low Vision Center has what you needto make use of your remaining usable vision with tools tailored to your needs. 

The Iris Network Low Vision Center staff can  recommend lighting and glare solutions for your home or place of work. You may also qualify for further training in adaptive techniques and learn about devices (writing guides, magnifiers, video magnifiers, talking pill bottles, etc.) and new technologies that will help you resume your daily activities safely and independently.

Over the age of 70, one in three people will be living with low vision. Low vision is vision that cannot be corrected further through the use of glasses, contact lenses, medicine or surgery. You, or someone you know, could benefit from learning about low vision. The Low Vision Center can assist and empower people with low vision to achieve their maximum level of independence and community integration. 

Amber Mooney, CRVT
Low Vision Center Coordinator

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