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31 Days of Braille: Day 31

Here they are, in one convenient place, the links to 31 Days of braille! More

31 Days of Braille: Day 30

Braille training at no cost... More

31 Days of Braille: Day 29

Not a braille reader myself, I never had any idea that reading braille could be done at the same speed or grace as reading print. More

31 Days of Braille: Day 28

The phrase, "Holy Grail" of Braille was coined by a research team at University of Michigan School of Information and references at least two aspects of braille More

31 Days of Braille: Day 27

Braille transcription software is not anything new, but it has been expensive in the past, Transcription software allows users to quickly convert a text document into braille code. More

31 Days of Braille: Day 26

Thanks, in large part, to companies like Apple, who made a serious commitment to accessibility years ago as they developed the iOS products, braille is everywhere! More

31 Days of Braille: Day 25

Wheneve I hear someone talk about brtaille being less relevant today, or that new technology will be the demise of braille, I think about how well many braille displays work with an iPad or iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet, even a KindleFire More

31 Days of Braille: Day 24

Musical notation is rendered in braille code, in the same manner that it is rendered in print, for musicians who access it visually. More

31 Days of Braille: Day 23

If you have a school age child, braille can be taught in school with a Teacher for the Visually Impaired (TVI) coordinated through the school. As an adult learner you may have several options. More

31 Days of Braille: Day 22

The National Braille Pres (NBP) Touch of Genius Prize has been extended this year to January 31, 2018. More

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