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List of this Summer’s Great Maine Reads

Did you have an opportunity to listen to Maine Calling’s broadcast about Summer Reading on June 1, 2018? By all means listen! It was a great show with several Maine authors and great selections to add to your reading list. More

Steve Kelley Interview

Steven Kelley, a certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist (CVRT) sat down with Portland Media to talk about vision rehabilitation services throughout Maine. With the approach of Vision Rehabilitation Awareness Week, April 8-14, 2018, in honor of Anne Sullivan’s birthday, one of the pioneers of vision rehab, it is a great opportunity to talk about how Mainers experiencing a vision loss can get connected to services through Maine’s Division for the Blind (DBVI) and The Iris Network.

Highly trained Vision Rehab Therapists are available statewide to work with individuals experiencing a vision loss to teach adapted skills for reading, employment, leisure activities, managing the home,... Continue Reading

31 Days of Braille: Day 31

Here they are, in one convenient place, the links to 31 Days of braille! More

31 Days of Braille: Day 30

Braille training at no cost... More

31 Days of Braille: Day 29

Not a braille reader myself, I never had any idea that reading braille could be done at the same speed or grace as reading print. More

31 Days of Braille: Day 28

The phrase, "Holy Grail" of Braille was coined by a research team at University of Michigan School of Information and references at least two aspects of braille More

31 Days of Braille: Day 27

Braille transcription software is not anything new, but it has been expensive in the past, Transcription software allows users to quickly convert a text document into braille code. More

31 Days of Braille: Day 26

Thanks, in large part, to companies like Apple, who made a serious commitment to accessibility years ago as they developed the iOS products, braille is everywhere! More

31 Days of Braille: Day 25

Wheneve I hear someone talk about brtaille being less relevant today, or that new technology will be the demise of braille, I think about how well many braille displays work with an iPad or iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet, even a KindleFire More

31 Days of Braille: Day 24

Musical notation is rendered in braille code, in the same manner that it is rendered in print, for musicians who access it visually. More

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