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There are a variety of techniques that are easy to learn and an efficient way to provide a person who is legally blind with meaningful assistance. A significant percentage of people who are blind are adept at traveling, either alone, using a white cane, or with a guide dog, yet many appreciate assistance in an unfamiliar environment.
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Helpful Tips to Assist a Family Caregiver

Tips to Ease Family Caregiving

Caring for an aging, ill, or disabled family member creates a host of responsibilities, some familiar, some not so, while others are very difficult, depending on the circumstances.

Family members, especially ones serving in a primary caregiver role, will feel alone at times. But despite the challenges, it's rewarding. Here are some tips to make the tasks easier.

Always remember, you're not alone. This prevailing encouragement will help you throughout the journey.

Caregiving Tips

Find Support and Encouragement

Find caregiving support

Support Groups help you see that your situation is not intolerable and that you're not alone in your feelings and experiences. Groups offer... Continue Reading

Misconceptions and Myths about Blindness

  • When talking to a person who is blind, you should use words like “see”, “look” and “blind” as you would in ordinary conversation with a sighted person.

Informational Tips

  • Always ask a person who is blind or visually impaired if he/she needs assistance; don’t assume this person does. Ask how you can assist, but if he/she says no, don’t be offended.
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    What do I do if someone blind walks into my store?

    It is really very easy to assist your customers who are blind or visually impaired in making a selection with which they will be happy.  Just follow these simple tips, but when in doubt about what to do, ask your customer.  They know best what works for them.  Remember that each person is an individual, and that common sense is always your best guide.


    What to do if you have a patient who is visually impaired

    If you have a patient who is blind or visually impaired….

    Always identify yourself when entering a room by name and position.  Before manipulating or treating the patient, tell them what you are going to do.

    Orient a person to their surroundings by showing them where the bathroom, door to hallway, phone and call button are using their bed as the reference point.


    Assistance in a Grocery Store

    A group of customers that have a unique perspective on grocery shopping are people who are vision impaired or blind. It is difficult to say just what their perspective is but, it is safe to say that it is completely different than the perspective of someone with normal vision.


    Why can't I play with that dog?

    Because he’s working. Doing one of the hardest jobs a dog can do. Seeing for his owner who can’t.

    To a kid, the world is a playground, a happy-go-lucky place where you leap over streams, and scramble down hills.


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