AOEC Golden Hour

April 23, 2020
Adaptive Outdoor Education Center (AOEC)
Adaptive Outdoor Education Center (AOEC)

Golden Hour with Horizons Climbing 

“Staff at the Adaptive Outdoor Education Center MISSES YOU ALL AND CAN’T WAIT TO ‘SEE’ YOU!” In an effort to spend time with you all, we have put together a virtual meet-up series called, “GOLDEN HOUR.’’ Our goal for these virtual meet-ups is to see your smiling faces and socialize! Since we aren’t able to be doing this at programming, we thought it would be fun to have an AOEC program as the theme each week! Kicking-off this series will be GOLDEN HOUR with HORIZONS CLIMBING.  We have also created a workbook around this theme to provide some educational entertainment. GOLDEN HOUR zoom meet-ups will take place at 2pm every Friday, starting April 24th.



Friday, April 24th

2:00pm EST


To join this Zoom Meeting, please click the link and enter the password when prompted:


Meeting ID: 763 9042 9841

Password: HORIZONS 

Please email Kayla at infoAOEC@gmail.com with any questions. 

Workbook and additional meeting information here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15RI4NV6J7tJZH-dwBwzjAFpmIaXy1bJcl-9Ul0z2U6I/edit



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