Hadley Discussion Groups

April 8, 2020

Call in by phone or computer. Free of charge. Open to all.

Hadley discussion groups, customized for people who are visually impaired, can be found the link below. Groups include:

  • Crafting Circle
  • Writers’ Circle
  • Hadley Growers
  • Resource Roundtable
  • What’s Cooking?
  • Tech it Out
  • Get Up and Go!
  • Travel Talk
  • Spanish
  • Embracing Braille 

Click here for the link: https://hadley.edu/discussions/


Disclaimer: These resources are not associated with The Iris Network; we are just sharing them with our constituents. If you would like to opt-out of this email distribution list, please notify The Iris Network at rnaseef@theiris.org.

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