Helpful Tips to Assist a Family Caregiver

October 16, 2019

Tips to Ease Family Caregiving

Caring for an aging, ill, or disabled family member creates a host of responsibilities, some familiar, some not so, while others are very difficult, depending on the circumstances.

Family members, especially ones serving in a primary caregiver role, will feel alone at times. But despite the challenges, it's rewarding. Here are some tips to make the tasks easier.

Always remember, you're not alone. This prevailing encouragement will help you throughout the journey.

Caregiving Tips

Find Support and Encouragement

Find caregiving support

Support Groups help you see that your situation is not intolerable and that you're not alone in your feelings and experiences. Groups offer family caregivers a safe place to get advice regarding information and emotional help.

It's a good way to validate feelings and to find others who struggle with the role. Without support, family members get sick, become sad, angry and many times feel guilt and resentment.

Find time to get the help you need. As a caregiver, your informal networks and peer groups become a lifeline to your strength.

There are many organizations both nationwide, and locally that can help you find support. Most organize at the local level (in person) and in regions across the country while others are online. Health care providers head up caregiver support groups. Call your doctor or your health insurance provider to get referrals to groups covered under your health plan.

One of the best ways to find support groups in your area is through the Family Caregiver Support Program in your state. Contact your local Area Agency on Aging (AAA) through theĀ Eldercare Locator, 800-677-1116 toll-free.

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