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October 4, 2019

My name is Stephanie Jones and 13 years ago when I lost my sight, I did not realize all the small things in my life that would change. Even though I completed my rehabilitation services and began to work in the field of vision rehab, there are some things that are still problematic, such as reading a restaurant menu independently. 

Yes, I can use OCR apps to capture the text and have it read back to me. But by the time I do this, my colleagues are already ready to order. I can get someone to read me the menu, but the waitress has to come back several times and by the third time I'm ready to order anything to stop this ordeal. I don’t trust asking for a braille menu as many people do not know what this is, if there is one available, when it was last updated or if it includes pricing. Let’s not forget the fun of navigating an inaccessible restaurant website. 

Of course, those of us in this predicament have our favorites or familiar restaurants – but how many chicken fingers and french fry meals can one person really eat? Not to mention, that I might order something different and new if I just knew it was available on the menu. 

Menus4ALL is the solution to this common problem. We are a website comprised of 50,000 restaurant menus in 12,000 cities across the United States. We offer the nation’s largest collection of accessible restaurant menus. We are a website, so anybody with a data connection can access our service. 

This means that if you were sitting at home planning a trip out you can check out the choices before-hand. 

If you are already at the restaurant in need of access to the menu, just pull out your phone and go for it. 

Hungry at your desk, pull it up from your desktop or laptop computer anywhere. 

All menus are formatted the same, complete with pricing and descriptions of the items. Plus, there are features for all types of visual conditions. 

If you have low vision, the site offers larger text, color filters, and speech built right in. 

If you are a screen reader, then the website works perfectly with the screen reader using features such as headings for navigational purposes. 

Of course, what about Braille? By pairing a refreshable Braille display to your device, you instantly have a complete braille menu at your fingertips. 

Menus4ALL is an innovative new company founded by Helen Fernety. Helen works in the accessibility field and has seen the need to create solutions for a community that is often left out. 

So now, whether going out to lunch with colleagues or hanging out with friends and family, and social events involving restaurants, access to a restaurant menu is no longer a barrier. 

Below is the Menus4ALL website address and a quick training video to understand how to use the simple Menus4ALL service. And did I mention, the service is completely free to use. So, get out of your office, out of the house, choose a menu and have fun! 

We would love to hear your feedback and your experiences with the site so please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any reason. 

Join us on our Facebook page to stay up-to-date on news, updates, and announcements of new features. 

Bon appétit, 

The Menus4ALL Team 

Stephanie Jones,

Director of Sales and Marketing 

Helen Fernety,

Founder and CEO

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