Vision Rehab Therapy Assistant - Portland

September 1, 2019

The Iris Network is looking for a Part-Time (20 hours/week) Vision Rehab Therapy Assistant to work out of Portland.  This position includes no benefits. 

Bachelor’s degree required.  

Must be willing to work toward and obtain a Master’s degree in Vision Rehab Therapy and demonstrate a commitment to building up to working full-time providing services to people in Maine who are blind or visually impaired. 

The successful candidate will need to be able to learn some specialized instruction to assist adult clients who are blind or visually impaired to adapt to their home or work environments to compensate for vision loss.  The work includes some aspects of Vision Rehab Therapy, which is meant to assist and support our current staff, while the candidate works on their education and certification to become fully certified themselves.  

Successful completion of training required.  A test will be administered at the end of the training.  Passing the test is required. 

Must be well-organized and be able to work effectively under pressure.  Must have demonstrated good and independent judgement, attention to detail, be creative, and have a flexible schedule.  Hourly rate plus mileage, if applicable. 

Click Here for details and directions to apply
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