Iris Network Services into its Second Century

December 5, 2018

The Iris Network (formerly the Maine Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired) continues to provide services in its second century of operation. We have been serving Mainers who are blind or visually impaired since 1905, and we provide a full range of programs including vision rehabilitation, a Low Vision Center for consumers to choose from adaptive devices and assistive technology, a Rehabilitation Center for working-age people who want to reclaim their lives, as well as Access Technology and Employment Services, and supportive housing at Iris Park Apartments in Portland. 

We at The Iris Network believe that people, regardless of visual function, should be able to live as independently as possible – and have the opportunity to work. Every day, we teach people to perform activities of daily living,  access technology, use adaptive devices, prepare for employment, find resources, and advocate for themselves – because visual impairment should not stop people at any age, from living intentional, full, and productive lives. 

For more information, contact The Iris Network at (207) 774-6273.

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