Podcasts on Vision Loss, Macular Degeneration, and GoGo Grandparent

June 22, 2018

Here is a link to the Eyes on Success interview with Dan Roberts, founder of Macular Degeneration (MD) Support Group: http://www.eyesonsuccess.net/show%20notes/show%20notes%201824.htm

This podcast contains a recording of “Your Amazing Eyes” by Dan Roberts which is great for clients new to vision loss or macular degeneration. Roberts offers a monthly “tele-support”  group: http://www.mdsupport.org/support/telesupport/ at no charge in the United States. Also he provides monthly materials free to anyone wishing to create an affiliate  support group. 

Tek Talk offered a podcast on GoGo Grandparent service that allows people to schedule rides with Uber and Lyft WITHOUT being a smart phone user – by placing a call to a human. The toll free number for GoGo Granparent  is 855-494-6872 or 855-GOGO-USA and their website is: www.gogograndparent.com. The podcast covers the basics: http://www.accessibleworld.org/sites/default/files/tt-06-11-18-divya-narayan-marketing-manager-go-go-grandparent.mp3.


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