Low Vision Solutions Demo Day

February 13, 2018

Hosted by the Low Vision Clinic at The Iris Network

Tuesday March 27, 2018
at The Iris Network Board Room – 189 Park Ave – Portland, Maine 

Stu Flom from AdaptiVision will demonstrate the latest technology, including:  Optelec Clearview C with Speech, Clear Reader, Traveller, Compact 6 with speech, Stella lighting, Orcam, and Iris Vision!  

About Iris Vision:  This assistive technology device is worn over your glasses and uses a virtual reality headset to bring sharp clear color and up to 12X zoom magnification for almost any situation! The wide 70° field of view display inside of the headset with strong magnification lenses makes the scene look like a large screen TV right in front of your eyes. 

There will be 30 minute time slots starting at 10:00 to sign up for demonstration.  Please contact Diane Richard at (207) 774-6273 or drichard@theiris.org to sign up.

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