January 27, 2018

BrailleBlaster Converts Text to Braille Code

Braille transcription software is not anything new, but it has been expensive in the past, Transcription software allows users to quickly convert a text document into braille code. It is very handy for educators, parents, or rehab professionals who may not be proficient braille readers themselves.

Like other transcription software, BrailleBlaster, from the American Printing House for the Blind permits users to copy and past text into a window and convert it to braille code, edit if necessary, visually see the braille code on the computer screen, send the braille to an embosser to create a paper braille document, or save the document as a braille ready file (BRF) to be opened in a refreshable braille display, or emailed to a braile reader. Remember, braille is not a separate language--transcribing braille simply means convertingĀ  letters into the dot code that represents them in braille!

The exciting difference between BrailleBaster and some of the other alternatives is that is free to download from BrailleBlaster.org, and will work with a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer. What are you waiting for?

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