Read a Book On Us!

March 14, 2017

Posted by Steve Kelley, Vision Rehab Therapist

March is National Reading Month and what better time to take advantage of The Iris Network’s Library of Maine Titles! A change in the Copyright Act, signed into law by President Clinton allows “authorized entities,” such as nonprofit agencies, schools, libraries, etc. , to reproduce copyrighted material in accessible format for consumers  who are blind or visually impaired. As a result The Iris Network has a collection of titles, read by volunteers, available to listen to online, or to download and share with friends or family members with vision impairment.

 Get started with Shadows on the Coast of Maine, by Lea Wait, and read by Maine AIRS volunteer reader Jonas Klein. You can read it online, download it as a podcast, or copy the files to play on a NLS Talking Book Player! Go on, read a book this month!

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