Man looking out the window
Man looking out the window

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When you give to The Iris Network, you are helping people of all ages who are challenged by vision loss or blindness. With your support, we can provide essential services and education to a growing population of people with visual impairment, improving their quality of life and community engagement. 

Your gift to The Iris Network today means

  • an aging person with vision loss can remain in their home and avoid costly nursing home care
  • technology and tools like magnifiers, braille, labeling techniques, and text-to-speech devices can help clients adapt and remain able to perform every-day tasks like reading, cooking, or paying bills
  • people of all ages can learn to navigate their homes, neighborhoods, and cities with white canes and techniques that help them stay mobile and unconfined
  • working-age people are prepared to gain or continue employment with assistive technology, workplace adaptations, and job coaching 

Making your gift is easy!

Donate Now

Click the Donate Now button above to make your gift online, a fast and secure way to support your neighbors with visual impairment! 

OR mail a check to: The Iris Network, c/o Development, 189 Park Avenue, Portland, ME 04102. 

You may also contact Terri Tomchak at (207) 518-5040 to make a gift over the phone, discuss a gift of stock, or to ask any questions about your donation. 

A gift of any amount helps provide the resources needed to improve the lives of our clients with vision loss. Thank you! 

Did You Know?

Your gift can be doubled! Many employers offer matching gift opportunities that can double your gift. Simply complete your company’s matching gift form and mail it to The Iris Network—we’ll take care of the rest! 

You can use your gift as a tribute to a loved one. By making your gift in honor or remembrance of someone special to you, you enable their life and legacy to kindly care for those with vision loss. 

You can designate your United Way gift. If you participate in a company campaign through the United Way of Greater Portland, you may designate a portion of or total gift to The Iris Network. 

You can attend or sponsor our events! The White Cane Walk for Independence, held annually, is a great way to support those with vision loss while gathering with our community! 

You can even volunteer! We can always use non-medical help with our residents at Iris Park Apartments, seasonal parking help through the Falmouth Lions Club, and administrative help!  

COVID-19: Now more than ever, your friends, neighbors, and family with vision loss need your help!
Vision loss can already lead to damaging social invisibility and isolation—life becomes significantly more difficult when you can't read the newspaper, see a computer monitor, drive, or walk up the stairs. Compounded with sheltering-in-place, social distancing, and quarantining to protect our elders and other vulnerable populations from the Coronavirus, it can leave many feeling depressed and lonely. This is a serious reality for one out of three seniors over the age of 70 with common eye conditions which lead to visual impairment. 

Your gift to The Iris Network right now, during this pandemic, ensures that our community and center-based staff can continue to serve clients throughout Maine, under modified conditions. While following CDC guidelines, technology allows us keep in touch, visit (virtually), and help our clients perform daily tasks and hobbies they enjoy–so they may remain independent in their homes. 

The CARES Act made some changes to taxable deductions for charitable giving that are quite favorable to donors like you, so that it would be even more beneficial for you to support us with a gift. 

Thank you for your care, concern, and compassion. Together, we will ensure that people of all ages and stages of vision loss, including the most vulnerable elderly population, have the support they need to stay safe and healthy through this crisis. Thank you! 

Donate Now


189 Park Avenue
Portland, ME 04102
(207) 774-6273

The Iris Network is a community-based, Maine nonprofit 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation. Our vision is to build a world where no person is limited by visual impairment or blindness. The Iris Network is accredited by the National Accreditation Council for Blindness and Low Vision Services.

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