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6 Vision Enhancement Devices You Need to See

6 Vision Enhancement Devices You Need to See


The number of visually impaired people in this world amounts to 342 million (more than the entire population of the United States), a number that is shared by both ends of life, the young and the old. Of this number, 23.7 million are U.S. adults experiencing some sort of vision loss. Among those visually impaired, 70% are unemployed and are 3 times more likely to end up in long term care, all because their vision is compromised. A number of startups are developing vision enhancement devices that use technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality to provide the masses with an alternative to ... Continue Reading

Google Home Helps With Mother's Day

“Hey Google, can you give me a gift idea for Mother’s Day?” The Google Home device on the coffee table lights up, and responds in a female voice, “You could make her something tasty to eat, do you want a recipe?” More

SMART Glasses Technology that Support Independence for Blind Users

Dr. Nicholas Giudice, Professor at the University of Maine and Iris Network board member was interviewed on asbradio.org on his assessment of high tech AIRA system that includes glasses that take images sent via his SMART phone to trained agents who provide live descriptions to assist people who are blind in addressing real world navigation and issues. Listen at the following link:


Read a Book On Us!

March is National Reading Month and what better time to take advantage of The Iris Network’s Library of Maine Titles! More

Reading Resources

Resources for Reading With NFB Newsline and BARD Mobile Apps

Steve Kelley CVRT, CRC

The following is an archived recording of a presentation provided by Vision Rehab Therapist, Steve Kelley at the Iris Network. March is both National Reading Month and Save Your Vision Month, and what better way to celebrate than reading the local newspaper or a great book.


Spotlight Gateway

Dedicated to providing students with visual impairments or print disabilities the opportunity to access a library of over 500,000 titles through Bookshare® and the use of Spotlight Gateway. 




Written by Steven Kelley CRC, CVRT Vision Rehabilitation Therapist

Electronic Access to Books Has changed

Tablet computers like the iPad, Kindle Fire, and Samsung Galaxy have dramatically changed how we read. For individuals experiencing any type of vision loss, these devices have also increased the overall ease of access to print. The digital formatting of print into electronic text allows for enlarging text by changing font size or through screen magnification and using screen reading software like Apple's VoiceOver, or Android’s TalkBack to read text out loud with a synthesized voice. In addition, since these devices quickly connect to the Internet, they may also function as audio... Continue Reading


One of The Iris Network’s Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist, Steve Kelley, has written two informative articles on the Vision Aware blog about overcoming the fear associated with losing one’s vision, “I’m Not Blind” and how to overcome an everyday challenge, “Enjoying Television with Vision Loss”. 

I’m Not Blind


Enjoying Television with Vision Loss


NFB Newsline Returns to Maine

Welcome back to NFB Newsline in Maine! Newsline is an automated newspaper and magazine reading service designed for the blind and visually impaired or anyone with a disability making access to print challenging. mp3 More

Happy Birthday Louis Braille

Louis Braille was born in a small town outside Paris, named Coupvray, on January 4, 1809. This year marks the 204th anniversary of his birthday. January is also designated as Braille Awareness Month. More

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