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Low Vision Clinic

Nearly 14 million Americans, about one out of every 20 people, have low vision. You, or someone you know, could benefit from learning about low vision. The Low Vision Clinic can assist and empower people with low vision to achieve their maximum level of independence and community integration.

Low vision is vision that cannot be corrected further through the use of glasses, contact lenses, medicine or surgery. However, there is remaining, usable vision. The specialty of low vision within the field of ophthalmology focuses on identifying, defining and optimizing the use of this remaining usable vision.

At The Iris Network’s Low Vision Clinic, a low vision evaluation by an eye doctor will identify your best available remaining vision.  Our occupational and vision rehabilitation therapy services will assist you in maximizing your remaining vision and provide training specific to your daily needs and activities.

A comprehensive team of vision experts will identify the best visual aids to meet your reading and writing goals, provide visual skills training to improve the use of your remaining vision, assist by ensuring safety and independence in your home and community, and recommend lighting and glare solutions and provide training in adaptive aids and technology.

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Sherry Boothby, OTR/L
Low Vision Clinic Coordinator

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