2017 White Cane Walk for Independence

We have already received a donation for a big raffle item for NEXT YEAR’s White Cane Walk for Independence 2017! If you would like a raffle ticket, contact Terri Tomchak at ttomchak@theiris.org or (207) 518-5040. Tickets are $5 each or 10 for $25 for a chance to win the medium size, red cubby. You must be 18 years old or older to buy a raffle ticket. To order one for yourself, especially before winter hits, contact Chris Huber, the carpenter who built it (who happens to be visually impaired) at: woodcubby.hp@gmail.com or (207) 477-2975. They may be able to deliver it to your home.

WOOD CUBBIES crafted in Maine by Chris & Eileen Huber
• Wood for Campfire
• Wood Stove
• Blankets
• Cats
• Small Dog Bed
• Toys for Kids
• Other

Can be varnished for outdoor use. Does NOT have to be stenciled for multiple uses. Colors: Burgundy, Jade, Light Blue, Mocha; Sizes: Small/Medium/Large; Cost: $135/$165/$216

COME WALK WITH US on October 15, 2016!


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